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Brought to you by: Tony & Meg Sama

TMI & Associates & Liv'in Incentives was founded by a team of successful business entrepreneurs. - Tony & Meg Sama

Tony & Meg have built many BIG business networks through their journeys by helping many other people along the way.

They have been in the direct sales industry for over 30 years. Currently they have one of the largest direct sales networks in the industry. 

They are committed to staying both progressive and profitable, while staying focused on top of their priorities, their integrity of the products, the reliability of the compensation plans, and the commitment to their team.

TMI/Liv'in Incentives was started to offer services & marketing incentives to small business owners, and home-based business owners that are usually only affordable to the marketing guru's. It is our mission is to assist these small business owners and entrepreneurs with the current changes in governmental regulation, tax law changes, business management, education, leadership skills, and online & offline marketing methods in their respective industries. And, to help them in their marketing efforts with business incentives.

By combining the unlimited growth potential of the $10 billion personal development industry, the $1.5 Trillion global e-commerce market, the $550 billion Travel & Hotel industry, and social & event community building, they believe that they have one of the most amazing business opportunities to ever hit the direct selling industry. 

Join them today and start learning & earning, and traveling, vacationing, & having fun.. And along the way, meet new top-notch people ready to help you achieve your dreams.

"We have a community of people with dreams and visions in their own business that utilize our relational, online & offline marketing techniques, and Leadership mentoring skill-set social workshops to better themselves and their business(s). So, Is What You're Doing Today going to Get You Where You Want to be Tomorrow"? - Tony Sama 

Their goal is to help every person achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations. And, to help you balance your life with the "FiveQuests" of health, wealth, success, tax, and travel. All while teaching you the relational and marketing skill-sets in your venture.

See how you too can make a difference in so many other people's lives.

See you on the INSIDE!

Tony & Meg Sama
TMI & Associates - Liv'in Incentives

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